Recommended Restaurants Docklands & Melbourne CBD

We all love good food. Those who are traveling to Melbourne will not be disappointed with the wide choices of great restaurants in the city. We’ll share our list of best restaurants around Docklands and South Wharf in Melbourne CBD.

First on our list is Kobe Jones at the World Trade Centre. This Japanese restaurant is one of the best Japanese and sushi restaurants in Melbourne. An added bonus for dining in the place is the nice ambiance of the place and the view of the Yarra river. Price starts from $40.00 per person.

Next, we have the Chinese restaurant – Manmo located at the World Trade Centre building as well. This restaurant serves a wide variety of delicious Chinese food. Plus this place will not break your bank as price starts from only $25.00 per person.

Now since you are in Australia, one should never miss fish and chips. We have just the right place for you – Sea on Quay. This quant restaurant is located near Waterfront Apartments Melbourne. Residents and guests alike absolutely love the fish and chips at this restaurant. Again, they are pretty affordable so that is an bonus.
For superb brunch, we recommend the Boat Builders Yard. They have good coffee and one of the best brunch menu in town. Plus they have amazing location; you can dine by the river side and sit on their sun lounges and enjoy the good view and good weather.

To end our list we have our favorite bar/pub in the area and that is Munich Brauhaus. This German sounding bar has a good vibe. Drinks and food are pretty affordable too. To top it all they have a pretty great crowd and good mix of people all the time.

That ends our list of best restaurants and dining places in Docklands Melbourne CBD.

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