** In accordance with government guidelines and as part of our COVID safe action plan Waterfront Melbourne Apartments & Melbourne Holiday Apartments have imposed the below rules in using the recreational facilities in the property. 

  1. Booking is required to use the recreational facilities. Booking can only be made when guests are already check in via the property app (usage of recreational facilities is subject to availability at the time booking is made via the app)
  2. Maximum of 6 people are allowed in the gym at one time however each of these 4 people must be booked via the link above
  3. Maximum of 2 people are allowed in the pool at one time however each of these 2 people must be booked via the link above
  4. Maximum 1 person is allowed in the spa, sauna and steam room
  5. Amenities are restricted to residents & registered guests only.
  6. Social distancing guidelines are to be observed at all times.
  7. Pool and gym users are required to follow allocated booking times.
  8. Pool and gym users are responsible for removal of rubbish and person items. 
  9. Pool and gym users must maintain good personal hygiene and refrain from using amenities where they have cold or flu like symptoms.
  10. Pool and gym users must follow all reasonable directions from staff members.
  11. Pool and gym users users must carry a towel and use disinfectant wipes to clean equipment after use.
  12. Guests must wear suitable footwear and appropriate clothing all times, including inside the foyer and lifts.
  13. Guests must dry off after using the pool.
  14. Strictly NO glass objects or food and drinks are to be brought in the pool area
  15. Children under the age of 18 years must not use these facilities unaccompanied.
  16. Toilets and Change rooms remain closed at present.
  17. All equipment and areas to be wiped with disinfectant upon completion
  18. To prevent possible contamination, the TV remote will not be available and TV will be left on a news channel with sound off and captions on;
  19. Booking for the gym does not entitle to access to pool, and vice versa;
  20. Unfortunately, one of the reasons the pool keeps going out of service is because people are using the pool without showering. Oils, sweat and moisturisers sweep into the chemical filter system, making the system work harder and throwing readings off. This in turn requires a shutdown until readings are corrected.

The above rules were made following government guidelines. Likewise to ensure fairness among all residents, only 1 adult per apartment can book at a given time. One adult can bring 1 child only per their allocated booking time. 

    1. Once inside building link, please select ‘reserve/book amenities’ from menu at the left of the screen. Then select ‘+ new reservation’ green button on the top and select gym  or pool. For contact tracing purposes you must add your name & contact number on the notes as well as any other members of your household using the facilities  otherwise booking may be cancelled.

    2.  Maximum of 2 reservations a day per apartment per facility

    3. There is a QR Code in the recreational area that guests need to scan before using the facilities.