We have the old vs the new, traditional viewing vs streaming on demand. As the two major players in the Australian entertainment market, which reigns supreme?


Supplied in all Waterfront Melbourne Apartments, you’ll find a standard Foxtel package (platinum upgrade available for $10 per day) offering documentaries, entertainment, sport, news, and 3 dedicated movie channels; along with channels to keep the kids entertained. Foxtel further offers the ability to record your favourite shows, matching Netflix’s “on demand” element that is so appealing to its customers.


As for Netflix, you have access to newly released movies, old classics and hundreds of full series at your fingertips.

Where the two providers contrast is the availability of your traditional TV viewing experience which Netflix doesn’t provide, lacking Live TV and Sport. However, if the freedom of choice is appealing, Netflix is preferred; without restrictions on having to watch the shows in their dedicated time slot. The plethora of options on Netflix come at a fraction of the price of Foxtel but often the TV viewing experience is part of entertainment culture; seeing many viewers refusing to turn down the “best of both worlds” provided by the Australian pay TV company, Foxtel. Which is your preference?